Creative Skills

At Champ Learning Academy, we challenge students with activities that use the whole brain. We inspire students to create their own works of art.

Art & Sketching, Music, Photography, and even Coding classes will help kids think about what they can create and contribute to our community

Art & Sketching
  • Learn painting & sketching techniques with the iPad
  • Explore your creativity by creating unique pieces of art with step-by-step guidance
  • You’ll walk away with real pieces of art that you can share!
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  • Create inspiring tracks using GarageBand on the iPad
  • Explore how to develop your sound with beats, melodies, and a variety of instruments
  • You’ll walk away with real songs that you can share!
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  • Learn photography & editing techniques with the iPad
  • We’ll go on a photowalk to improve photo skills & creativity
  • We’ll finish by editing selected photos which you can share!
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  • Get a jumpstart on coding to create interactive projects in Scratch
  • We’ll teach fundamental programming skills like loops & variables
  • Students will walk away with visual projects you can share!
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